Trade Services Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions outline the Trade Services that are undertaken by Aged Care & Medical, who agrees that they are capable and willing to meet all requirements outlined.


‘Client’ means NDIS participants and/or Home Care Package recipients. This definition may also extend to private clients, TAC, DVA and Workcover claimants.

 ‘Representative’ means a person that has the authority to make decisions on behalf of a client

‘Case Manager’ means a specialised healthcare worker who is responsible for overseeing, coordinating and/or recommending services for the continued care of clients.

 ‘Service Provider’ means the organisation who is responsible for the funding approval and payment of invoices on behalf of Client and their NDIS or Home Care Package.

 ‘Service Provider Agreement’ means a contract between Aged Care & Medical and the Service Provider outlining payment and service requirements.

 ‘Trade Services’ means all service relating to general home maintenance. This includes Gutter Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, General Home Maintenance and Home Safety. From time to time it may also include furniture removal and aged care relocation and some gardening service.

 ‘Cancellation Fees’ means a charge applied to confirmed appointments, where the client (or client’s representative) cancels or the works cannot be undertaken.

 ‘Standard Trade Services Overview’ means all services outlined within these Terms and Conditions.

 ‘Non-Standard Trade Services’ means services that are not listed in these Terms and Conditions.


Approval of any quote received by Aged Care & Medical from the Client (Representative and/or Case Manager) for the completion of Trade Services constitute acceptance of the Terms and Conditions contained herein. Upon acceptance, these Terms and Conditions are irrevocable and can only be rescinded in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or with written consent of Aged Care & Medical.

None of Aged Care & Medical’s agents or representatives are authorised to make any representations, statements, conditions, or agreements not expressed by Aged Care & Medical in writing nor is Aged Care & Medical bound by any such unauthorised statements.


The services provided to clients.

- Spring cleaning services including:

- General house clean including cobweb removal in reachable areas, dust skirting boards/ window sills/ doors, wipe skirting boards/window sills/doors, dust/ clean floors, clean

accessible light switches/power points, dust all reachable surfaces, dust/clean mirrors, air freshen/deodorise, vacuum/clean soft furnishing, wipe over bed tables, vacuum accessible areas under beds, couches/furniture (moving of furniture as per OHS), lightly dust accessible blinds (internal only), vacuum/wipe visible window tracks/sills.

- Floors – vacuum/mop all accessible floors

- Bathrooms – scrub/clean bath, scrub/clean shower, scrub/clean sinks, wipe down benches, clean mirrors, clean/polish tapware and chrome, empty bins, clean/disinfect toilet, scrub wall tiles/grout, wipe outside drawers/cabinets

- Kitchen – clean stovetop, rangehood (exterior), underside of rangehood, exhaust fans/filters, clean/wipe all bench tops, clean visible appliances (exterior), splash back, polish tapware, scrub/clean sink, clean inside/outside microwave, cupboards (exterior), polish stainless-steel surfaces, dust all surfaces, clean outside dishwasher

- Bedroom – dust/wipe all accessible surfaces, wipe/clean mirrors, vacuum accessible areas

Optional extras can be sought including:

- Kitchen – clean inside of oven, oven exhaust fans/filters, pantry cleanout (removal of items, throw out items passed use by date, wipe and clean shelves, re shelve items), dishwasher (inside and seals clean, removal of food builds up, hand wash filters), fridge removal of items, throw out items passed used by date, wipe and clean services, re-shelve items),

- Clean - clean external front small entrance (less than 10 square metres. full sweep and mop with a wipe own of reachable areas. A light tidy up of the area). larger external areas.

 - Gutter clean services for single storey and double storey depending on overall accessibility

- Window cleaning services (inside and outside) (excludes internal window furnishing).

- External shutter cleaning

- Furniture removal and specific item facility relocation – i.e., dissemble, deliver and install big ticket items such as Icare beds from home to age facilities

- General home maintenance and safety including installation of grab rails, lift chairs, magnetic door latches, handrails, general garden and home maintenance.

Non-standard trade services. All other requested service is agreed and performed on a case-by-case basis.


The date on which the Trade Services will be undertaken will be communicated and agreed by Aged Care & Medical, the Client/Representative and/or Case Manager.

If either party wishes to terminate these services contract prior to the contract end date, written notice must be provided to the other party.

An appointment cancellation within 24 hours or a no show at the appointment date may incur a cancellation fee. For NDIS participants, this is as per the NDIA price guide 2019.


Aged Care & Medical are not an employee of the Client or the Service Provider and will act as an independent contractor for the completion of the job.

Additional contractors may be used in the completion of this job where required.


Aged Care & Medical agrees to always provide services to the best of their ability. The Client shall have the right to perform an inspection of the works while the works are being undertaken.

Should the Client/Representative discover any fault or failure of the works, they must contact their Service Provider within 48 hours of the job completion.

Upon receipt of a notice of failure or fault from the Service Provider, Aged Care and Medical agrees to investigate and resolve with the Service Provider as soon as reasonably possible.


Payment is required before the commencement of the job unless a Service Provider Agreement is in place. In this instance Aged Care & Medical shall invoice the Service Provider at the completion of the works.

The Service Provider agrees to pay all invoices associated with the works within 14 days of receipt unless specified in a written agreement or a notice of fault or failure to perform allows for delayed payment.

The Service Provider can make payments using the following methods: Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard only) or direct debit.


Any information or knowledge obtained during the term of the works about the Client is considered confidential. Aged Care & Medical agrees to keep all information not openly known to the public confidential and private in line with the Aged Care & Medical Privacy Policy found on our website.


Any and all notifications between the Client and Aged Care & Medical shall be submitted in written form. Notices may be delivered in person, by email, or by mail via certified letter to the addresses provided to Aged Care & Medical prior to work commencing. Both parties understand that they are responsible for notifying one another and modifying this Agreement should the address change.


Aged Care & Medical accepts no responsibility for any injury, damage or financial loss caused or sustained throughout the job and after job completion.


Aged Care & Medical will perform only those services approved in writing by the Service Provider. If the Client shall, at any time, require services not approved, a written request must be approved and submitted by the Case Manager prior to the performance of such work.


Aged Care & Medical shall be responsible for any professional licensing required for the execution of the work outlined in the scope of work.


Client agrees to maintain adequate property insurance to protect against loss or damage due to theft, fire, vandalism, etc.

Aged Care & Medical agrees to maintain reasonable liability insurance to protect against personal injury or loss.

Both parties agree to provide copies of the insurance certificates for their respective policies to one another if requested.


If required, the Client/Representative agrees to be present at the scheduled work time to ensure that Aged Care & Medical has reasonable access to the working area, including parking space.


The scope of work and pricing for this contract are based on Aged Care & Medical’s Fee Schedule which is available on request

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, including (but not limited to) mould, termites, structural damage, building code violations or issues relating to incomplete information are discovered after the works begin, Aged Care & Medical will cease work and endeavour to contact the Case Manager for further approvals which may impact the final price and completion time of the works.


Aged Care & Medical does not offer or imply any warranty for materials used for the project. Any defect or failure of parts or materials used in the project shall be as per the terms of the manufacturer and the responsibility of the Client/Representative/Service Provider to follow the manufacturer’s warranty process.


Service Provider and Aged Care & Medical agree to make reasonable efforts to resolve any disagreements regarding the approved works between themselves and the nominated authority (including but not limited to), VBA, NDIS, Quality and Safeguards Commission. All parties agree that payments should not be withheld during any dispute.


This Trade Services contract shall be governed by the Laws of Victoria