I shall use rental equipment only for the purpose for which it is designed and intended. Rented equipment is for personal use only and I agree to use it as described when entering this hire agreement.

I have received satisfactory instruction in how to use and operate the rental equipment.

I have thoroughly examined the rental equipment and am satisfied that it is in working condition and suits the purpose for which it is hired for. If the rental equipment does not suit or is not in working condition, I agree that I MUST inform Aged Care & Medical by email or call within 48 hours following the receipt of the rental equipment.

Repairs or modifications are not to be conducted on any of our rental equipment without prior authorisation in writing from Aged Care & Medical.

We reserve the right to cease a hire period without notice should any of the following occur:

  1. Hire payments are not made,
  2. Rental Equipment is mistreated or used in an unsafe manner,
  3. Any of the Aged Care & Medical ‘Terms & Conditions of Hire’ are breached in any way.

    I understand and agree that additional charges will apply for delivery and collection. That these charges are listed on the Rental Equipment Quotation.

    I understand that it is my responsibility to return the items to Aged Care & Medical or to call and request their collection. I understand and accept that hire charges will continue to apply until the items are returned, or a collection request is made. Collection charges also apply.

    Aged Care & Medical requires payment prior to the delivery/collection of the equipment, and that I will need to sign this hire agreement prior to issuance.

    I accept that the rental period starts the day the equipment is either delivered or collected. Furthermore, a minimum of 2 weeks hires charges apply to all rental equipment items, unless otherwise specified.


      I provide my credit card details for the purposes of paying the Hire Fees, delivery, collection and the Deposit, and I  understand  and agree that my credit card will be charged if: I damage, lose or otherwise do not return the equipment in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Hire.

      All equipment rentals are issued on a hire basis will require a deposit (refundable upon return of equipment) and a hire fee, based on the time the item is required.

      I will return all the equipment including all the parts and accessories in clean and good WORKING CONDITION.


      I understand and agree that I will return all the equipment including all parts and accessories in good WORKING CONDITION.

      I understand and agree that WORKING CONDITION means, working as per the condition the rental equipment was hired to me, including any electrics, batteries, battery charges, and that the rental equipment continues to be suitable for use.

      I understand and agree that CLEANLINESS includes clean, free of stains, free of smoke and other odours, except than those noted at the time of hire.

      I understand and agree that APPEARANCE means, free of any new scratches, body damage, fabric tears etc. other than those noted at the time of hire.

      I understand and agree that other than what would be considered as normal wear and tear, any damage arising from misuse or maltreatment, intentional or otherwise, caused while the equipment is hired, will be charged. At a minimum, I agree that my deposit may be forfeited to cover electrical repairs, bodywork, sterilisation or stain removal/re-upholstery and, that at a maximum, I will be charged for the purchase of equipment and any out-of-pocket expenses such as freight and loss of hire.

      I understand and agree that the security deposit will be paid prior to the hire commencement date.  It will be refunded to the same account when the equipment is returned to Aged Care & Medical (subject to all terms and conditions being satisfied) within three business days of the return of the rental equipment. I understand and agree, that, for the refund to be returned, I must comply with all the terms and conditions of this contract, including accurate completion of the Rental Return Form.

      Depending on my financial institution, I understand and agree that the refundable deposit may take anywhere from three to ten business days before it is reflected on my bank statement.


      Aged Care & Medical accepts no responsibility for any injury, damage or financial loss caused or sustained throughout the use of item/s hired. Aged Care & Medical shall be compensated for any actions arising from this agreement, including any costs or losses suffered by myself.

      I agree to comply with all Federal, State and/or Local Government laws, by-laws, and regulations relating to this contract. This Agreement is governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia


      Terms & Conditions of Hire Acceptance


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