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Eating Aids for the Elderly

11 Oct 2023

Eating Aids for the Elderly

The Ornamin range of eating aids is at the forefront of providing top-quality eating aids tailored specifically for the elderly community. As we age, the challenges of maintaining independence during meal times can become more pronounced.

Many seniors face difficulties such as reduced grip strength, tremors, or limited mobility, which can make the simple act of eating challenging. Ornamin understands these unique needs and has created the 2Care range of eating aids that are innovatively designed to promote dignity, independence, and enjoyment during meals. From ergonomically designed cutlery to non-slip plates and bowls and a range of intuitive mugs, Ornamin's collection ensures that every meal is a pleasurable experience.

Aged Care & Medical reason for partnering with Ornamin is not just on functionality, but also on aesthetics and durability. It's a common misconception that eating aids for the elderly have to be purely clinical in appearance. Ornamin debunks this myth by offering products that are both stylish and practical.

Made with high-quality materials, these eating aids are not only easy to use but also seamlessly blend into any dining setting. This approach ensures that seniors who need adaptive eating and drinking aids, can enjoy their meals without feeling self-conscious about using adaptive devices, fostering a sense of normalcy and confidence.

Like Aged Care & Medical, Ornamin is dedicated to continuous research and development in their realm - assistive dining products. They understand that the needs of the elderly are diverse and constantly evolving. By actively seeking feedback and collaborating with healthcare professionals, occupational providers (OTs) speech pathologists and geriatricians, Ornamin ensures that its product range is always ahead of the curve.

German made and designed with a user-centric approach Ornamin is redefining the standards of eating aids for the elderly. We can trust Ornamin to provide solutions that are not just functional, but also cater to the holistic well-being of our senior population.

We look forward to building on this relationship and maintaining a fresh supply of the Ornamin 2Care range.  


If your clients or facility could benefit from these products, see the full range or download the brochure.



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