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Install of the Month | Non Slip Treatment and Hand Rails

06 Oct 2023

Safety Overhaul for Access Points

Implementing non-slip treatment is a practical and cost-effective way to create a secure environment that supports the residents' needs and fosters a sense of security and independence.

Where bathrooms, timber surfaces, tiles, and concrete often be more prone to become slippery when wet, one effective way to enhance safety in these settings is by applying non-slip treatments. These treatments can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, promote independence, and contribute to a better quality of life for residents.

Now is the perfect time to apply nonslip treatment!

With sunny days and rain showers in the spring air, let's book in our non-slip treatment on a stretch of dry days. This way, we'll be ready to tackle any unexpected cold snaps that may pop up.

Job of the Month - Frankston Home

This was a recent job in Frankston, where our client and her OT were concerned about the tiles on the front access point.
To maintain her autonomy and maximise safety they requested a review of the options available. After discussion, it was determined that a non slip treatment and rails was the preferred option to ensure safety and aesthetics were maintained.
In completing this job the builder, prepared the landing and steps by washing and neutralising the tiles, and applied nonslip treatment to this area. This treatment takes approximately 48 hours to cure. The additional rails were also installed to enhance the safety of the access point. 

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