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Thermo Drinking and Eating Aids - what are they?

18 Oct 2023


An unfortunate part of ageing is the often devasting decline in hand mobility. This decline affects our ability to eat and drink as we once did and can make mealtimes difficult and awkward.

The improvements in the range of drinking and eating aids has gone a long way to assist in this area, and in particular the Thermo mugs, plates and bowls are leading the way.

How does a Thermo mug work?
Thermo cups can come in a range of materials, from metal, plastic or melamine. What they all have in common is the functional feature of keeping content warmer or cooler for longer.
In basic terms, this works by the vessel having a double wall. It is the space between each wall that works its magic. As there is no air in this space, the gap slows the transfer of heat.
Making them perfect for those that require are little more time to drink.

 Thermo Cup internal

How does a Thermo Plate and Bowl work?
Plates and bowls can also be found with a thermo feature. Ornamin has developed a plate and bowl that also uses the double wall feature of more traditional thermo cups and thermoses in their Tableware.
A space around the rim of each of their keep warm bowls or keep warm plates allows the inner space to be filled with either hot water, or crushed ice or cool water, and once sealed the tableware can maintain the appropriate food temperature for longer.
thermo plate


These practical everyday helpers are ideal as a care aid, for older people, children, babies and anyone who eats a little more slowly due to a handicap. They bring everyone back to the table.

Learn more about the Thermo range available.


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