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Lever Taps and Door Handles for easy living

05 May 2023
Lever handles and taps provide a practical and ergonomic solution for people with limited hand mobility, making them a suitable choice for enhancing accessibility and safety in various settings.
By installing lever handles or taps, clients can benefit from improved safety and hand mobility, particularly those who struggle with gripping or operating round handles.
Compared to knob-style taps, lever taps offer more precise control over water temperature and flow, as they can be easily adjusted without the need to struggle with turning knobs or handles.

Why prescribe Lever Taps and handles for your client

Accessibility: Easier to use for those with limited hand mobility, as they don't require twisting to operate particularly for those with limited hand strength.
Convenience More convenient than traditional knobs, as they can be operated with a simple push or pull, and opened with an elbow or forearm, which is helpful when carrying objects or when hands are full.
Safety: Lever taps can be easily turned on and off with a simple movement, which reduces the risk of burns that can occur when turning traditional round taps.
Hygiene: Easy to clean and disinfect making them more hygienic than traditional doorknobs, especially in public spaces or areas at high risk of contamination.

  Installation of lever taps may differ from that of traditional taps and may not be suitable for older plumbing systems due to variations in water flow control mechanisms and pressure systems. Additionally, the installation of lever door handles may require additional hardware or adjustments to be made to correctly open and close the latch. Find out if this will work for you.  Call us 1300 003 930
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