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Install of the Month | Kitchen revamp for easy cooking

26 Apr 2023
Our recent Kitchen Home Modification brief; making cooking easy for those with limited reach and mobility.
In partnership with the client's OT, a modification was requested to redesign a non-functional kitchen space, to meet the clients changing clinical needs.
By converting the oven into a cabinet with a stovetop, the kitchen becomes more accessible and allowed the client to continue to care and cook independently.

Solving the brief

  • Removal of existing freestanding stove
  • Replacement with custom made cabinet with drawer at bottom and hole for existing microwave to sit in (with power supply)
  • Supply and install of a 4-burner gas stove. 

The challenges

Most installs present with some challenges and our kitchen mod was no different. With space shortages and the movement of gas plumbing to suit the new layout, this mod required the whole team to find an ergonomic solution required by the client to perform cooking tasks safely and efficiently. Specific issues:

  • As a result of the limited size of the kitchen and the available space for the cabinet, it was difficult to find a stove top that met the required specifications and could fit in the allocated area. This challenge led to some complications with the project scope.

  • The cabinet, which is designed to accommodate the stove, has dimensions of 595mm in depth and 550mm in width. However, the stove top requested by the client is 510mm deep and 600mm wide, which makes it too large for the available space.


In collaboration with our trades and the cabinet team, we arrived at a solution where the stove top would have enough space underneath but the side panels would need to rest on top of the existing benchtop. With this knowledge, we proceeded with the manufacturing phase and ensured that the stove top would fit within the cabinet but sit on the benchtop (images were provided).

However, we encountered some issues along the way. The original cabinetry was not level, which required us to dismantle our item on site and shave it slightly before rejoining it. Despite this setback, we were able to continue with the installation process.

After installation, the client requested a handle for the drawer as it was difficult to open. We attached the handle at a later date to meet the client's needs.


One happy client who is now able to continue living at home in a safe, functional and accessible kitchen environment!


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