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Install of the Month - Showcasing rubber ramp installations

31 May 2023

Avoiding a major shower modification with the use of a small threshold ramp. 

Our team offers an alternative solution to expensive shower modifications. By installing a threshold ramp secured with specialised wet area tape, we provided a cost-effective and practical option for shower accessibility without the need for major tiling works or large shower base inserts. Happy client can now enter his shower with his shower chair.

 Bathroom Rubber Ramp

Alternative solution to permanent timber steps 

Instead of opting for a permanent timber stair structure, in consultation with the Occupational Therapist and client, we added an extra step and reduced the height of the existing step. Our team provided a practical solution that met our clients' changing needs. By installing a handrail that matches the existing one, we showcase how our products can work in conjunction with each other, resulting in a cohesive and functional final result. 

Rubber stairs


Alternative solution to a permanent timber ramp 

Working alongside the Occupational Therapist we proposed an alternative solution to a timber ramp by installing a large rubber platform and ramp. This option provided several benefits over traditional timber ramps, making it an attractive and affordable solution.  

 Rubber ramp

Working with obstacles and difficult angles 

Rubber ramps and platforms are versatile and customizable. They can be moulded into various shapes and sizes, making them an excellent choice for those who want a unique design that complements their home's aesthetic. Take a look at our recent installs which required different angles and wings to help navigate difficult settings 

Ramps and stairs rubber
















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