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Get ready to party!

06 Dec 2022

With the party season starting, looking your best has got easier with some simple grooming tools to assist when mobility and strength is compromised.


Cleanliness: Tools to assist in bathing range from back washers that make it easy to reach and clean the body and hard to reach back area, to body and hair washers.

Grooming: Hair and Nails taken care of. The Beauty Hairbrush come in two lengths. A shorter one recommended for users who can reach up to the ear and a longer version where users who can only reach to the shoulder. Additionally, Beauty Multipurpose Grips can be sued by those with limited hand function or limited grip - a nail file can be inserted into the narrow end to assist with manicure and pedicure. The wider end of the grip may be used for a tooth brush or shaver.

Skin Care: Moisturising made easy with lotion and cream applicators that are designed for easy reach and improved contact with the skin to provide an overall complete finish.

Look your best and get ready for fun. Explore the options.

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While stock lasts.
Please note Australia Post Recommended Shipping Dates. WA customers please note last recommended shipping is 8th December.

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