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3 ways to make car travel easy this Christmas

02 Dec 2022

The sun is out, the events are on, and Christmas is around the corner - are there any more reasons to hit the road and start socialising! Get your drive on with some simple tools that make car travel just a little easier…


Car entry and exit assistance: Grab Bars provide extra support as you enter and exit a vehicle offering support and protection from falls.  With no permanent installation required – they provide passengers more secure handles to use when existing or entering the car.

Safe Travels: Auto Seatbelt Reachers are designed to extend the handle of the seat belt, while reducing the need to twist when putting on your seatbelt.  They are portable with no permanent installation required.

Comfort: Swivel cushions can also be used to assist getting in and out of a car. The cushion allows the user to slide and turn into the desired position in the car seat, minimising strain and twisting of feet, knees, hips and back.

Don’t let car travel ruin your plans – explore the options. Take 10% off orders before December 14th with code: Christmas2022



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