Rental - Molift raiser patient lift (Per Week, Minimum 4 Week Hire)


RENT ME: Melbourne Metro Only

The Molift QuickRaiser 205 introduces the latest in technology for sit-to-stand hoists. The lifter has an outstanding lifting capacity of 205 kgs and has an electrically adjustable leg base. Along with its exceptional manoeuvrability, the standing hoist is also comfortable and stable.

The unique wheel position, angled push bar and the extraordinary weight distribution of the base provides a small turning radius and easy manouverability even in very narrow spaces. The electrically adjustable legs enable accessibility almost everywhere and the small castor option allows the legs to fit under most beds and chairs.

The inclined column encourages a natural pattern of movement and fulfils the hoisting needs of users with some weight bearing capacity. The Active Lifting Arm (four point sling bar) and the RgoSling Active sling provides extra support when hoisting from sit to stand to enable comfort, stability and safety.

Warranty on the QuickRaiser 205 and all Molift lifters is 2 years.  Molift hand controls and batteries have a warranty of 6 months.

Ergonomic design The slanting column lifts the user up and forwards to imitate the natural movement pattern.
Comfort, safety and stability The Active Lifting Arm (four point spreader bar) and the RgoSling Active provides extra support when hoisting from sit to stand
Automatic Warning for (annual) periodic inspection and service
Easy to manoeuvre Easy to operate in moving and handling situations; toilet, sit-to-stand and stand-up training

Stand-up lifting arm Ideal to use with the Molift RgoSling Active
Inlays for footplate Inlays with slip resistant material to increase friction
Adjustable leg support The leg support is adjustable without tools

    Weekly Rent: $45, minimum 4 weeks
    Pick up Mornington

    (Free Delivery Mornington, Frankston, Mount Eliza, Mt Martha, Baxter, Somerville, Hastings, Langwarrin, Seaford)

    OR deliver $30 Melbourne Metro, Collection $30 

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