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Rent - Try - Buy New

Are you trialing equipment on the advice of your Occupational Therapist, Support Coordinator or Care Manager with the intent to purchase one new through your home care package or NDIS funds? Or thinking of buying new privately?

The Rent, Try, Buy New program allows you to rent an item and give it great work out before committing to a purchase. Whether its a comfort chair, a commode to a hi-lo bed, you can make sure its the right item for you.

1. Rent your item 2. Trial the item 3. Buy it brand new

We have a vast array of rental items for you to try. Our most popular items listed on our website. But, if you can’t find a particular item, or need assistance deciding which item will best suit your needs, please call our office and speak with our knowledgeable rental team.

Whether you’re a NDIS client, have a Home Care Package or are looking to self-fund your rental, we are able to assist.

Rental Items Melbourne and Surrounding Area

*Please call the office to check if we service your regional town ** Some Terms & Conditions apply *** Subject to availability