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Safety in the bathroom with Handheld Showers

04 Aug 2023

Hand-held shower heads with weight bearing rail and cradle attachment are designed to address the needs of NDIS participants and Aged Care individuals, aiming to enhance their showering experience and overall safety. Understanding the reasons behind their usefulness can help better advocate for their implementation.

Here are some key reasons why these shower systems are beneficial: 

  1. Enhanced Independence: NDIS participants and aged care individuals often face challenges related to mobility and dexterity. The hand-held shower head allows for better control over the water by directing it precisely where needed. This increased independence fosters a sense of empowerment and dignity,. 

  2. Improved Safety: The weight bearing rail provides essential support while standing or moving in the shower. It reduces the risk of slips, falls, and potential injuries, promoting a safer shower environment. 

  3. Accessibility: The adjustable height of the shower head, facilitated by the weight bearing rail, ensures that individuals of varying heights or with limited reach can comfortably access the water stream. This accessibility feature makes it easier for users to maintain good personal hygiene without strain or discomfort. 

  4. Convenience: The cradle attachment offers a secure and convenient place to rest the shower head when not in use. It prevents the shower area from becoming cluttered and ensures that the shower head is always within reach, promoting a more organised and efficient bathing experience. 

  5. Reduced Caregiver Burden: By enabling NDIS participants and aged care individuals to perform more tasks independently, hand-held shower heads with weight bearing rail can reduce the burden on caregivers. Showering by a caregiver also becomes easier with the movable shower head which can be used to wash when the participant is seated 

  6. Customisable Installation: These shower systems can be easily installed in existing showers without the need for extensive modifications. Occupational therapists can assess the specific needs of each client and recommend the optimal installation position, ensuring the shower system is tailored to meet individual requirements  

Talk to the Home Mods team to see how this could work for your home.


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