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Grab Rails & Home Modifications | Tips and ideas for staying safe at home

30 Jun 2023

Utilising grabrails in the home can provide significant benefits for elderly individuals and participants of the NDIS. Grabrails are fixtures that are strategically placed throughout the home to assist individuals with stability and balance while moving around or performing daily activities. Our most common install is the grade 304 modular stainless steel nonslip grabrail. 

Enhance Safety and Independence with the Benefits of Grab Rails in the Home  

  • Enhancing safety: offering increased stability and support, reducing the risk of falls and accidents, especially in areas prone to wetness or uneven surfaces like bathrooms, showers, and hallways. 

  • Promoting independence: By providing a reliable means of support, grab rails empower participants to navigate their home independently, improving their overall sense of self-worth and confidence. Grab rails play a vital role in enabling individuals to age in place comfortably. 

  • Facilitating mobility: The presence of grab rails enables individuals to move around more freely and easily, supporting their ability to access various parts of the house, including stairs, entryways, and different levels. 

  • Confidence and Peace of Mind: With the presence of grab rails, participants can have greater confidence in their ability to move safely within their home, reducing anxiety or fear related to potential accidents or falls.

Benefits of our modular grab rails compared to pre-made rails: 

  • Customisation: Modular grab rails allow for greater customisation designed to create the desired length, configuration, and angle. This flexibility ensures that the grab rail can be tailored to fit specific spatial requirements and meet the unique needs of the user. 

  • Ease of installation: Modular grabrails makes hitting stud points easier as we can cut to size on site when installing opposed to trying to work around standard lengths that pre-made rails offer. Instead of purchasing pre-made rails that may not precisely fit the space, modular grab rails allow for more efficient use of materials by assembling sections to the desired length. This can result in cost savings, particularly for larger or more complex installations. 

  • Our modular rails also come in a range of different colours and styles to suit your individual needs. Ranging from white, to beige to blue, with different finishes such as ripple or textured .


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