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Five quick tips to improve Safety in the Home

16 Dec 2022

Enjoy your home this summer with some simple tips and tools that can greatly enhance your safety around the home.

  • Light the Way with portable, sensor or touch lamps. Immediate light is a great way to limit potential falls around the home, as well as great for back up light in the event of a power failure.
  • Food Prep preparation! There are a range of tools that can greatly assist in food preparation and around the kitchen when mobility or hand grip become an issue. Safely continue creating feasts with kitchen aids such as preparation boards that sit safely and securely on the bench surface, aids that help keep food in place for cutting or assist with general activities such as opening jars or doors!
  • Ensure Safe Landings when moving around the house with non slip mats for the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Moving moments! If mobility is becoming an issue consider bringing the furniture to you. Raise your seating or lower your clothes line - for easy and comfortable chores (or relaxing).
  • Safe returns! It is summer so get out and about. But ensure a safe return with custom entry ramps and Key Safe locks that secure your spare house keys. .

Secure your Summer with these hot items! 


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