Waterproof Pillowcases

SKU: NS0008126


The Fusion Pillowcase is made from a Tencel fabric which is incorporated with zinc, is comfortable to sleep on & moderately absorbent.

Waterproof, yet soft, comfortable, silent and breathable, Protect-A-Bed's® Miracle Layer protects your pillows from everyday accidents, spills and stains.

The Miracle Layer™ also acts as an allergen barrier, helping protect you and your family  from dust mite allergens a common cause and trigger of allergies, asthma and eczema.

The sleep surface is made from Tencel

Made through a sustainable and environmentally friendly process, Tencel™ fabrics are super soft and gentle on the skin yet strong and durable. Breathable and thermo-regulating for a comfortable night's sleep. 

 Using Smartcel Sensitive Technology 

Fusion also contains cosmetic grade zinc oxide (ZnO), which has been incorporated into the Tencel™ fibres following a patented process which remains after repeated washing. This essential mineral providing cosmetic and regenerative protection as well as providing odour reducing and antibacterial benefits.

Pillowcases, fitted sheets and sheet sets also available
Available in four colours - Cream, Charcoal, Latte and Cobalt

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