Lightweight Mobility Walker - Forward Thinker

SKU: NS0004054

$299 $349

A lightweight mobility walker rollator that knows how to make an entrance!

This lightweight mobility walker range is full of personality and individual style. The perfect mobility rollator with all terrain wheels and cross bar fold make it easy to manoeuvre when out and about. Plenty of storage, lightweight aluminium frame weighing less than 6.9kgs and 46cm seat width, make this walker value for money. Throw in a 2 year limited product warranty, with this best selling mobility walker you cannot go wrong.

For further information - visit the Forward Thinker website

  • Four colours in the range (Rose Pink, Violet, Black & Metallic Bronze)
  • Max weight 7.2kg,
  • Max height 960mm, Min height 860mm,
  • Weight capacity max 136kg,
  • 2 year product warranty,
  • All terrain, inside and out,
  • Lots of storage 


  • Removable shopping basket 
  • Removable shopping satchel 
  • Curb raisers 
  • Ergonomic handles with feathered braking system 
  • Reflectors 
  • Cane holder 
  • 6.8kg lightweight aluminium frame 
  • Adjustable height range 
  • Can hold a person’s weight up to 136kg
  • Metallic paint 
  • 2 year product warranty 
  • NDIS Item Code: 05_120606096_0105_1_2


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