Configura Comfort Cushionair Cushion

SKU: NS0005476


Part of the Configura Comfort Accessory Range, the Configura Comfort Cushionair Cushion is for additional pressure support for high care pressure seating. 

The Comfort Cushionair Cushion sits within an inbuilt compartment, as such does not add additional height to the seat measurements. The Comfort Cushionair Cushion has a series of air chambers and pockets that distribute pressure through-out the seat with air flow in between the chambers. 

About Pressure Care Lifter Chairs

A pressure care chair is ideal for patients who spend extended periods of time sitting. Pressure relief chairs are designed to redistribute pressure across the surface of the skin, which puts less pressure and minimises the risk of developing pressure damage. Chair accessories such as the Configura Comfort Cushionair Cushion, a variety of back- and headrests, and lateral support all help prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

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