C6 Lift Chair

SKU: NS0002247


Dual Motor 

Infinite-position, medium to large chaise lounger with fully removable upholstery components and dual motors which enable independent recline/footrest function. 

Pride Lift Chairs are designed to be the ultimate in lift chair comfort, style and performance. The state-of-the-art lift system utilised in Pride Lift Chairs will recline you further back than any other lift chair. Additionally, Pride Lift Chairs are equipped with an emergency battery back-up system should the power fail in your home.

  • Weight capacity 136kg
  • Back width 71cm
  • Seat-to-floor 48cm
  • Seat depth 53cm
  • Seat width 56cm
  • Top of back to seat 66cm-71cm
  • Back style Sewn pillow back 
  • Recline position infinite

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