Minor Home Modifications Terms and Conditions


The Importance of the Scope of Works

All ACM and trade partner building modification projects strictly adhere to the signed scope of works. The scope of works consists of the following: a suitable written brief from an authorised allied health referrer (e.g Occupational Therapist).  Design specifications (including an existing layout design and the modification design(s)) that have written approval from all parties. Specifically, the authorised allied health referrer, the resident (including next of kin or authorised carer), the builder and/or access consultant and the funding body (for example: Service Provider/NDIA/Plan Manager/SWEP).

For any further modifications (excluding emergency structural modifications as specified below), work on the property will cease, the site will be made safe, and a request for a change to the modification will be submitted to the authorised allied health referrer (e.g., Occupational Therapist).  A quote will also be submitted for approval. Work will not recommence without written approval of the new quote or authorisation from the authorised allied health referrer (e.g., Occupational Therapist) to continue with the original scope of work.

Requests for Specific Fixture & Colour Matching Services

For specific fixture requests & colour matching services, we apply best efforts to colour match concrete, painting, tiles and other materials and fixtures to complete the scope of works and ensure a professional, completed finish. However, as we are working within set guidelines relating to home care packages and NDIS home modification projects, our work is primarily for improved accessibility and safety access. As a result, particular requests may not be covered. Please refer to your service provider, funding body for further information, including compliance.

When applying new paint to existing paint, we cannot guarantee exact match. Best efforts will be applied, however should the paint dry a different colour a quote for further works will be issued for a full repaint.

Working with Existing Fixtures

When removing and re installing ceramic fixtures, due to age, brittleness, and sealants/glues we do run the risk of breaking them. Hence the preference is to supply new products with warranty. Should however, it is agreed that existing fixtures are to be used, we will take as much care as possible. In this event of a breakage or it cannot be used in the new works, should this happen, a quote for a like for like product will be provided. Please note breakages, quote approval delays and supply delays can delay the completion of the scope of works. Please ensure the resident is aware of this possibility and has made suitable arrangements for such an occurrence.

Product Warranties

Unless expressly agreed in writing, our trades can only issue product warranties for products and materials that they source and install. Client (or other) supplied items, unless agreed in writing will not be used and are purchased at the owner’s expense.

Vaccinations, Police Checks & Other Compliance

In accordance with Victorian Law our people are double vaccinated for SARS-COVID-19, have a Police Check, and are qualified in their field of expertise. Our trades and building services (where required) are also registered with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and are members of associations including Master Builders.

Quote Terms & Conditions

All quotations, unless agreed in writing are valid for 45 days from the date of issue.

Our quotes strictly follow the scope of works. Variations, requests for modifications outside of this scope of work may result in a requote and delay to project commencement. For modifications to the scope of works once the job has commenced, please review the above section on The Importance of the Scope of Works.

For all Building Services over $10,000 a Minor Works Building Contract is required. This agreement is between the Owner of the Premises and the Builder. Unless agreed as part of an NDIS payment arrangement, payment terms are included in this contract and includes a 5% - 10% deposit prior to the commencement of any works. Milestone payments are also itemised within the contract and must be met to avoid any delays with project completion.

For all Building Services over $16,000, in addition to the Minor Works Building Contract, Builder’s Warranty Insurance will also be issued. For more information relating to this and builder obligations please visit: Implied warranties and domestic building insurance - checklist - Consumer Affairs Victoria