Ornamin Ergo Mug Vital 2 Handle

SKU: NS10502


A range of contrasting tableware designed to stimulate the appetite and help people more easily see their food or drink due to the colour contrasting rims.
Each piece is designed for maximum functionality and ease of use, making it easy for anyone with cognitive impairment or other mobility limitations to dine with dignity and independence.

Thanks to the discreet built-in devices in the Vital range, those with limited motor skills in their hands, arms and neck are once again able to eat independently. They can feel actively involved in the sociability of mealtimes and are often more likely to eat and drink the way they used to. The Ergonomic handles allow for a firm hold even with shaky hands.

Ergo Mug:

  • Conical shaped inner cup
  • Two broad handles for easy grip and added stability
  • Shape allows contents to be emptied without tilting head
  • Ideal for drinking in bed or laying down
  • Thermodynamic function helps contents stay warm or cool.
  • Compatible with lid range for additional assistance available

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