Ornamin 1 Handle Ergo Vital Mug (Conical)

SKU: NS10501


An innovative range of tableware as simple as it is ingenious. Designed to keep food warmer for longer, these products are ideal for slow eaters, ensuring that the meal or drink stays warm and flavoursome right to the last mouthful.

Overcomes limited neck | arm movement: Mug can be completely emptied. 

  • Internal cone is hidden in design: Not externally recognisable as a supportive aid
  • Thermal wall keeps drinks warm or cool:

    Vital Ergo Vital Thermo Mugs:

    • Vital Thermo mug offers conical shaped inner cup
    • Thermodynamic function helps contents stay warm or cool
    • Available is various colours for maximum contrast - Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
    • Large ergonomic handle for easy grip
    • White interior ensures colour of drink is maintained
    • Height: 12cm
    • Product Weight: 140g
    • Material: PP/PP
    • Diameter: 8cm
    • Capacity: 140ml

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