Med-Con Face Mask (with Ties) Level 1



Med-Con (TIES)  Level 1 High Filtration Face Masks, proudly made in Australia.

Box of 50 masks.


3 layers with an ultra-soft inner layer to maximise facial comfort.  The masks offer bacterial protection for the wearer and others in close proximity and test at a PFE (Particle Filtration Test) of 99.1% with a particle size of 0.1um and Delta pressure of less than 1.5 units to optimise the users protection and breathability. 

Benefits of a tie application :

  • Having the ability to adjust the mask to securely tighten around the users face.
  • The ties do not place pressure on the users ears if worn for a prolonged period of time.
  • Separate ties allow the tension to be adjusted accordingly, the mask can be made tighter or loser around the nose independently of what is done around the chin and mouth area.
  • Perfect for users who have to wear a mask for lengthy periods of time during a work shift or out in the community.


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