Ornamin Mug - Thermo Series

SKU: NS10500


An innovative range of tableware as simple as it is ingenious. Designed to keep food warmer for longer, these products are ideal for slow eaters, ensuring that the meal or drink stays warm and flavoursome right to the last mouthful.

Through a special opening in the outer wall, the plate or bowl can be filled with hot water to help keep the food warm. At the same time, it helps reduce the risk of burns while keeping the heat on the inside where it is needed. Alternatively, the tableware can also be filled with chilled water to help keep food items cold as needed.

Made from a high-quality melamine inner with an external thermoplastic material outer and two grip inserts made of a soft, non-slip silicone plastic. The handles provide a firm hold while also covering the fill holes to prevent the hot or cold water from spilling.

    Thermo Mugs:

    • Thermodynamic function helps contents stay warm or cool
    • Available is various colours for maximum contrast - Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
    • Large ergonomic handle for easy grip
    • White interior ensures colour of drink is maintained
    • Glow-in-the-dark mug glows after exposure to light

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